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The single mission of our law practice is to  help our clients overcome the challenges confronting them. With more than 30 years of countless successes inside and outside the courtroom, attorney Tim Mudd provides each client with the expertise, personal commitment and determined advocacy they rightfully deserve. Having represented thousands of clients throughout Missouri and Kansas, attorney Mudd knows how to minimize the impact a criminal matter can have on your life
In your time of need, attorney Tim Mudd is the courtroom advocate you can count on.

A criminal conviction in most instances becomes a permanent stain that follows you for life.  Whether it is you or someone close to you, it is vitally important to exercise your constitutionally protected right to be represented by an attorney.  Many people overlook the true cost and impact of being convicted of a crime:


  • A conviction will likely affect your ability to obtain credit to buy a home, purchase a vehicle or obtain a credit card.

  • You could lose your current job, or lose out on a potentially better position.

  • You could lose your drivers license and have no option but to ride the bus or take a cab to and from work on a daily basis.

  • Your insurance rates could skyrocket.

  • A conviction is not just hard on you, but it also impacts your family and your reputation.

Tim Mudd is experienced and highly skilled in criminal defense in both Missouri and Kansas.  Contact Tim Mudd today to discuss your legal issues.

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