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Shaken Baby Syndrome Defense Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

Defending Shaken Baby Syndrome Cases

For decades now, when a child who has been involved in a relatively short fall is later diagnosed in an emergency room setting with brain swelling, a subdural hematoma and retinal hemorrhages, far too often there has been an immediate accusation by the medical staff that the child’s condition is the result of non-accidental trauma consistent with Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). In those circumstances it is a common occurrence for the health care providers to not conduct further screening of the child for other contributing factors that are inconsistent with a “shaken baby case.” Likewise, the health care providers routinely become entrenched in those opinions despite the modern evidence-based science which undercuts the entire theory of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Do You Need Legal Help?

Though it is less likely than other scenarios, children do sometimes suffer catastrophic injuries and die from injuries caused by short falls. And while unspeakable crimes are committed in this world against children and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, innocent parties should be afforded a well- prepared and compelling defense. Defending a shaken baby case is extremely challenging and nearly always requires consultation with highly trained medical and scientific experts. Working with biomechanical experts, ophthalmologists and forensic pathologists to debunk the unreliable theory of Shaken Baby Syndrome, attorney Tim Mudd has defended a number of SBS cases, including to acquittal by jury. If you have unjustly been accused of harming a child by way of Shaken Baby Syndrome, contact attorney Tim Mudd today for a consultation.