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Probation Violations Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

Effective Representation for Probation Violations

A probation violation is frequently described by the courts as failing to comply with one or more terms or conditions of an Order of Probation. A probation violation can occur when someone who previously pleaded guilty or was convicted in court fails to do something or fails to complete one or more tasks they had been ordered by the court to complete. Three of the more common probation violation fact patterns are failing to report to the probation officer, failing to complete a court ordered program or course of therapy, or being accused of having committed a new criminal offense while on probation.

Need Legal Help?

Probation violation allegations are serious matters which can lead to serious consequences. If the court revokes a defendant’s probation, the end result of the revocation is the defendant can potentially be sent to serve a sentence either in the jail or with the Department of Corrections for months if not years.

Attorney Tim Mudd has more than 25 years of courtroom and trial experience. His meticulous approach to defending alleged probation violations includes meeting one-on-one with the client to find out what might have gone wrong, getting to know the client as a person [including the client’s background, work history, military service record, family support, personal achievements and unplanned setbacks], working with the client to gather important documents, medical records and letters of reference, and identifying favorable witnesses to come to court.

Probation violation cases tend to move quickly. If you or someone close to you has been accused of a probation violation, contact attorney Tim Mudd today as the first step in defending against those allegations.