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What is Criminal Record Expungement And Am I Eligible?

Having a public record of a criminal conviction can potentially make it hard for you to find and keep employment, to find housing, or to obtain credit on more favorable terms. In an effort to ensure that nothing gets in your way, consider expunging your criminal record by hiring attorney Tim Mudd.

Do You Need Legal Help?

Expungement is a process which allows you to petition the court to seal your criminal records from public view.  Expungement does not happen automatically when you complete your sentence or pay your fine. Instead, in order to remove criminal information from your public record, you must go through the official expungement process.  While there is no guaranteed right to an expungement,  your chances of obtaining an expungement improve greatly if you are represented by experienced legal counsel.

The expungement process varies between the courts in Missouri and Kansas, with each state having its own set of expungement eligibility statutes and rules.  However, there are two main requirements as a starting point for expungement eligibility: You must first have finished serving any sentence associated with the conviction, and you must not have any new charges pending.  But that is only the starting point – there are many more rules and conditions regarding eligibility for expungement.  For example, some convictions simply are not eligible for expungement.  

An expungement is not a pardon, but in many cases once a person’s record has been expunged, they do not have to reveal their previous convictions on employment documents or during background checks. If you have a criminal conviction you are attempting to have expunged, talk with attorney Tim Mudd to learn more about how the criminal record expungement process works in your state.