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Attorney Tim Mudd is a skilled litigator. As the principal of Mudd Law Firm, he is committed to providing exceptional service. Tim Mudd has the experience and legal problem- solving skills to give you your best chance for a positive outcome. As a trial lawyer armed with years of courtroom success in criminal and civil litigation, Tim understands the way a courtroom works, a jury thinks and the shortest route to the best result. Tim has extensive experience with federal cases, including sex crimes, carjacking, bank robbery, child pornography and shaken baby syndrome defense.

Attorney Tim Mudd has nearly three decades of successful experience helping clients protect their rights and avoid harsh penalties and jail time.

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Don’t Let A DUI Determine
Your Future

Drunk driving is a charge many of us could easily be guilty of. And while we all agree that driving under the influence is not acceptable, we also know that field sobriety test and roadside Breathalyzers are not accurate. Missouri law enforcement can overstep their bounds, evidence can be faulty and rights can be violated. If you are charged with a DUI or DWI or related charge, do not wait and hope that the prosecutor will give you a break. Work with an experienced Kansas City DUI defense attorney who can clearly explain what is at stake, what your options are and the best path to take.

Whether your goal is early resolution or to be aggressively protected throughout a jury trial and appeal, Tim Mudd has the expertise and commitment to deliver the exceptional legal services you need and deserve.

Military Defense

Stress runs high when one is in active duty. A guilty charge for a military offense can end your career, and affect your family and personal life. If you are under investigation for violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, it is wise to seek experienced defense counsel. If you are accused under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), you might be investigated and required to participate in a court-martial trial. Military defense lawyer Tim Mudd has experience with a broad range of charges including, sexual assault, fraud, drug offenses, mutiny, drunk on duty and others.